Thursday, 5 March 2015

Revamp of my home studio- complete!

Its been my last week leading up to going on maternity leave and those of you that know me well, will know I can't seem to sit still and have been rubbish at this whole 'put your feet up and rest business'...

I am now 38 weeks pregnant and I am so so excited for the arrival of our little man- which I think is what gave me the boost to give my studio a revamp. Its a small spare room at our home so its tricky to fit everything I need in it and the more props I bought, the more cramped and messy it became...(and I HATE mess!)

Since I've changed the angle of which I shoot, I no longer have the window behind me allowing me to use natural daylight so I have had to invest in a new studio light to ensure I have enough light to carry on with my sessions as normal. I have also mounted a backdrop hanger onto the wall meaning I now have more space as I don't need a backdrop stand which always got on my nerves taking up yet more room!

There are some images below of my studio before it was rearranged and my new organised studio for you to have a look at :) ....

BEFORE- This is how it was before- Blankets all shoved in a teeny tiny unit.. and props spilling out at the side of it all balancing on top of one another on the floor taking up precious space..
NOW- many more backdrops with more hooks added to store them. Blankets all rolled up ready to grab for newborns. Props all stacked neatly on my new shelving unit. Hats all hung on poles and clips so clients can easily chose which they would like to use. A basket full of nappies, pee pads, muslins, baby wipes and nappy sacks. 

Rail on the wall to hang scarves, wraps and material for newborns. Bunting all hung in ready to un-clip and use whenever needed. Lenses all stored on shelves within arms reach and a dainty little chair for mum/dad to perch on whilst I'm shooting.

Backdrop pole attached to the wall resulting in no backdrop stand getting in the way. Studio lighting positioned to the left of where I stand.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Whiting Family Photo's

Blake was such a perfect little model today smiling away in front of the camera! He also came in extremely handy as an assistant helping me carry my props! What a perfect family with an exciting new arrival on the way!

Ellie Mai's Christening

I don't usually shoot Christenings, however this was a friends little girl's big day and I was honored to be asked to take some family photo's. Ellie Mai looked absolutely gorgeous in her two Christening outfits and was enjoying playing on the swing much more than posing for the camera!

Brodey's Newborn Shoot

Little Brodey was an absolute dream to photograph! She has easily taken the lead for being the sleepiest baby I have ever taken photo's of. She didn't wake up once despite being moved from prop to prop bless her!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

October 13th 2013 Mini Session!

Today has been so much fun meeting lots of little gems in the studio :) We have had such a mixture of characters. Brandon would do anything for sweets, Indi rocked her Tinkerbell costume and Kay had fun with my [famous] piggy slippers!

Monday, 26 August 2013

The Roe Family.

I had such a fun time shooting with the Roe family today. Maisy was absolutely adorable and was only interested in having her photo's taken if she could see my 'Babbit' (rabbit) afterwards. What a lovely family! 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Jack's Cake Smash x

Today I enjoyed taking pictures of little Jack for his first birthday cake smash :) Although initially he was shy, he soon began getting stuck into his yummy cake! Here are a couple of the pictures below x